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A successful weeding job by T Faux

The farm is often in need of extra hands. For those who have interest, there are a few ways you could get involved at the farm.

  1. Volunteer
  2. Work Share
  3. Season Contract Worker
  4. On Call Contract Work

Please scroll down and learn about each of these opportunities.


If you are interested in volunteering time at GFF, you should first look at our Tom Sawyer Work Days and event related activities. We have also hosted groups who are interested in a tour and perhaps doing a task or two on the farm. Another possibility is a "Work for Food" event that is often popular with college students who would like a home cooked meal. In exchange for a few hours of work, Tammy could be convinced to feed you. It's good stuff, so let us know if you are interested. Please feel free to contact us via email if any of these cound like a good opportunity to you.

Please understand that there will be good and bad times to volunteer. With that in mind, we ask that you contact us first and give us a suggestion as to when you would like to volunteer and what you might be willing to do as a volunteer. We will most certainly be pleased that you wish to volunteer. However, you must understand that volunteer work still requires preparation and planning on our part. Sometimes, things will work out beautifully, and other times, it might not. All we ask is your understanding as we discuss possibilities.

wheel hoe and cart



Available: 2-3 slots

Application Deadline: May 30 or until filled


  • we will do work shares that are in keeping with the period of time a person works
  • work share participants agree to work on a consistent schedule
  • a work session would average 3-4 hours in length as scheduled
  • standard shares would work 65 total hours, large shares work 90 total hours
  • participants would agree to attend a 'training' session that is not included in the total hours
  • work share members would need to be able to do potentially strenuous manual labor in less than optimal weather conditions

Specific Work Share "Jobs":

  • One person to aid with distribution on Thursdays in Cedar Falls during regular CSA season (open 2017)
  • One person to aid with distribution on Tuesdays in Waverly during regular CSA season (filled 2017)
  • One person to maintain perennial flower beds at the farm on a regular basis (open 2017)


  • The first two options have specific schedules. If you cannot be available during CSA distribution times, you cannot participate in those work share positions.
  • We request that Sundays not be a part of the schedule and prefer to keep our weekends open (free of off-farm workers) so we can have the opportunity to be with family.
  • We prefer that a sizable part of the time at the farm be spent prior to the evening hours
  • Unless you live near by, it is better to schedule blocks of no less than 2 hours for work.
Interested: Please Inquire

We are hopeful that we can pair up with persons who are interested in coming to or working with the farm on a consistent schedule. This will allow us to plan for and best utilize the help we receive.

We ask that all applicants remember that we do live on the farm and our resources an not unlimited. We strive to be understanding and fair with those who work for/with us and we ask for similar consideration from our workers as well.

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We typically have two to four people who work on the farm during the growing season. Tasks can be very diverse and can include everything from weeding to caring for the poultry. Our jobs tend to appeal to people who want to work only during Summer months, though we still have things to do in May, September and October. Contract amounts tend to range anywhere from $1000 to $3500 depending on the agreement we reach with the individual. Most of our workers have decided to work either two days a week or four days a week depending on the desired arrangements.

Those who work with us through the day receive mid-day meals and are often offered produce and other food for their personal use. We do not have on-farm residence for workers, so you would need to arrange for transportation to the farm.

Interested: Please Inquire


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Each year, we put together a list of persons who are interested in doing jobs periodically on the farm. In some cases, we will offer an evening meal to interested small groups who are willing to do an afternoon's work for us. In other cases, we will offer a monetary amount for the task and it is up to those that agree to do the task to determine how to split the compensation. These tasks can be anything from weeding a specific crop, moving tomato cages or any number of tasks that go better with extra help and minimal training.

If you are interested in being on our 'on-call' list for the upcoming summer, please send us a note. We usually hope to have four to six people on this list. (2017 we have 0 people so far).

Interested: Please Inquire


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