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Why should you sign up for a Farm Share CSA Subscription with the Genuine Faux Farm? Perhaps you like the concept of local production or maybe you are looking for produce that is certified organic and grown using sustainable farming methods. Or, maybe you are looking for a consistent source of fresh, tasty produce through the course of the growing season..

If you would like us to supply you with a reference or two, please contact us and we will oblige as soon as we are able. Many of our current members are able to provide you with the most compelling reasons to join us!

We'd like to take a moment and tempt you to either give this a try for the first time or return for another season.


1. We are your personal farmers!

With a subscription, you gain direct access to us. We encourage feedback and we will do our best to respond to your suggestions. If you want specific varieties or types of vegetables, let us know and we will see if we can meet the request. Rob Faux, Tammy Faux and Jeff Sage grow all of the produce found in these shares. We know what we grow and we can answer your questions as to how they were grown.

Case in point: we added cabbage to our production in 2010 because there were multiple requests from CSA members for this product. Carrots were considered a vegetable that people would like to see more often, as a result, we teamed up with Jeff Sage to increase carrot production. Members asked that we provide more broccoli and we increased production in 2012 to meet that request. In 2015, feedback suggested members didn't like one variety of green bean, so we removed it from production.

2. CSA subscribers are guaranteed the best of our produce.

If you decide to go to a farmers' market, you must arrive early to be certain to receive the produce you desire. CSA members have paid for their produce and they come first. Even late arrivals are guaranteed their full share of produce! Wouldn't you like to have a guarantee that you get our best every week?

For any given distribution, we try to pick more of an item than we need. This provides choices for even the last person to pick up their share during a given distribution.

3. Subscribers receive more produce for their money.

We are willing to pass savings on to you in return for the certainty that we will have homes for the produce we grow. In fact, we participated in research that showed a CSA share is potentially a better value than buying similar items from a grocery store.

And - with food prices increasing, you might have noticed that our share prices remain quite reasonable. Compare this to other food sources and we think you'll agree that this is a good buy.

A common share distribution in mid-August will typically have a farmers' market value of $30-$40, which exceeds our $20 cost to our members for an August CSA week.

Even better, we are CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Try buying organic without paying a premium at the store.

4. Help with recipes, storage and use of your produce.

As members of the community, you can benefit from shared experience and knowledge. Weekly email news keeps members informed. We also maintain a blog where CSA members can share information in response to postings. The time spent picking up your share each week can also be spent gathering useful information from other subscribers and your personal farmers.

5. The menu pickup system provides opportunities to deal with unwanted veg.

You will find that you can execute a trade with other subscribers or may just decide that you do not want everything that is allotted to you. Talk to us, if you are leaving some behind, we will be able to offer it to others. And, if you want more, we may know that there is already excess of an item because someone else opted not to take their portion! We work to get unwanted produce to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank in Waterloo, the Salvation Army in Waterloo, church sponsored community dinners in Waverly or Cedar Valley Friends of the Family.

6. Tasty varieties you can't buy at the store.

Many of our varieties are grown from heirloom seeds. You will not find Tolli Sweet Peppers, Thelma Sanders acorn squash, Bunte Forellenschuss lettuce or German Pink tomatoes at the supermarket. In fact, you won't often see them from other farmers at market. These varieties are tops for taste. And, we are constantly trying new varieties and assessing what we grow for taste. We now have over ten years of experience growing on the farm and have gotten a pretty good handle as to what varieties have the highest approval ratings.

7. We support our community.

We strongly believe that the members of the CSA are an integral part of an active community that centers around their food production. As the personal farmers for the members of this community, we take pride in its growth and vitality.

We are involved in the North Iowa Farm and Food Partnership(NIFFP) and Practical Farmers of Iowa and we have served as mentors to new farmers through MOSES and PFI. Rob currently serves as a board member for the Iowa Organics Association and Tammy and Rob team up to be the 2016 Market Masters for the Waverly Farmers Market. We also serve the community by giving presentations on our farming operation and the sustainable growing methods we use. And, when the farm needs supplies or tools, we favor local businesses.

8. Lots of variety with quality

For each year we have provided the CSA service, subscribers have been very satisfied with the variety and quality of our produce. Many agree that the wide variety of produce is one of our strengths.

9. Fresh picked produce, sustainably grown, organic certification.

With the exception of storable items (potatoes, winter squash, garlic), produce delivered to you is typically picked within 24 to 48 hours of delivery. You will know that your food has not been sprayed with chemicals and is safe to eat. The Genuine Faux Farm is Certified Organic by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship program.

10. We strive to improve.

We seek to do a better job from season to season with our production and distribution techniques. There are usually two or three experiments being conducted in the fields each season and we stay connected to resources that report on organic growing techniques. We do our best to communicate with you, our subscribers, so that you are informed consumers. In return, we receive quality feedback that we put to use in order to keep you coming back!


Lots to till - small tiller, big field by R Faux

Sometimes the task is daunting. Anyone want to till for awhile?

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