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We are willing to work with you if you want to visit the farm, please contact us if you or your group has interest. Please remember that we are a working farm and not a tourist attraction. We may need to respectfully decline your request. In all cases, please contact us to schedule times. Scroll down for more information!

Volunteering in 2017

We do maintain an on-call list of people who are willing to participate in Tom Sawyer Days, "Work for Food" events (a meal is served at the end) or when we need a group of people to do something. Please contact us if you wish to be on that list.

CSA Members

We strongly encourage our CSA members to make a trip out to the farm at some point during the season. Whether it is to be a part of a Tom Sawyer Day, a Festival, or some other day, we welcome you! Come out and see how your vegetables are grown and reestablish your connection to the land. If you can pick up a hoe for a while when you are here, all the better - but certainly not required!

Our CSA members are our 'Board of Directors' and our process for growing your food is an open book to you. We welcome your presence. Our only request is that you schedule your visit with us. This helps us to plan and be appropriately prepared for you!

Individual Buyers

Individuals who purchase from us directly may also be interested in learning how we do our jobs. While our first priority is to our CSA customers, we certainly do not want to exclude others who have a vested interest in what we do. Please email us if you wish to visit and be understanding and patient if we need you to be flexible with our schedules!

Institutional/Retail Buyers

Those who might be interest in purchasing for retail or institutional use are welcome to visit us as well. In your case, we would like to be prepared to handle a tour with specifics to our agreements in place at the time of the visit. Feel free to make a request for a tour and we will attempt to accomodate your business/organization.

Interested in Becoming a Grower?

We believe that Iowa is one of the best places to grow produce - and yet we have so few producers in the state! If you are looking to start a CSA or enter the fray for market growing, please contact us and feel free to ask questions. If a farm visit seems like it would be truly useful to you, then we can make arrangements.

Service Groups, Educational Groups, etc

It is important that we educate ourselves with respect to sustainable growing practices, organic practices, local food production and small local business management if we want to maintain vibrant rural communities in Iowa. We welcome inquiries by service groups and educational groups. Please feel free to send us an email. We also are willing to speak to your group or organization. Please visit this page to learn more!

General Public

As a working farm, it is difficult for us to simply provide tours or handle visits for all interested persons. This doesn't mean we won't be polite and friendly to you! We only ask that you respect our right to decline - but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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