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We have decided to limit our plant sales in 2017. We are finding that we are losing money with our previous model. So, here is how it will be this season. If you want specific heirloom plants from us, you will need to ORDER THEM in advance and we will grow them specifically for you. They will be made available to you when they are ready and they could be picked up at the Waverly Farmers' Market or during one of our CSA pick up locations.

As always, there will be SOME extra plants, but it will not be the hundreds of plants we have brought to market in the past. We'll bring what we have and there will be no guarantee how much we will have or what varieties UNLESS you pre-order. Thank you for your understanding as we make this adjustment.


May 6 Waverly Farmers' Market 8:30-11:30AM tomato plants for pots, maybe some pepper plants for pots.
May 13 Waverly Farmers' Market 8:30-11:30AM all tomato plants, selected peppers, lettuce plants, basil plants, kale plants
May 20 Waverly Farmers' Market 8:30-11:30AM tomato and pepper plants (limited), basil plants, kale plants, lettuce plants?
May 27 Waverly Farmers' Market 8:30-11:30AM tomato, pepper and eggplant plants, cucumber, winter squash plants, perhaps some broccoli or other plants. Basil plants.
June 3 Waverly Farmers' Market 8:30-11:30 AM Probably the last plant sale day.

tables of tomatoes

Available Plants:

Tomatoes: Italian Heirloom, German Pink, Trophy, Speckled Roman, Amish Paste, Silvery Fir Tree, Nebraska Wedding, Moonglow, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Red Zebra, Tommy Toe, Hartmann's Gooseberry, Jaune Flamme and a smattering of 20 others.

Peppers: Wisconsin Lakes, Jimmy Nardello's Frying Pepper, Tolli Sweet, Alma Papricka, Golden Treasure, Purple Beauty, Quadrato asti Giallo, Early Jalapeno, Wenk's Yellow Hot, Joe's Long Cayenne, King of the North and others.

Eggplant: Pintung Long and a smattering of others.

Basil: Sweet Genovese, Thai, Mrs Burns' Lemon, Dark Opal and Lime

Cucumber: Marketmore 76, Boothby's Blonde, and perhaps others

Winter Squash: TBD

Others: TBD


$3.00 for 3-4" pots.

Smaller pots will be priced as appropriate.

row of seedlings

What We Grow:

We favor heirloom and open pollinated plants. Our sales focus on tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. We also have been known to grow and sell extra basil, herb, onion, lettuce and broccoli plants. Other items may be added or subtracted depending on the year.

We usually have up to 25 different tomato varieties, 10 to 15 pepper varieties and six eggplant varieties available for sale. If you have questions or desire recommendations, please contact us.

How We Grow:

We use starting soil from Beautiful Land Products (organically certified) and use organically certified seed when it is available. Our plants start in trays under lights and migrate to cold frames and then outside as quickly as we can move them safely. We transplant tomatoes, peppers and eggplants into 3 or 4 inch pots to give room for excellent root growth. Our plants are exposed to some very strong winds in the Spring. But, we are proud of how sturdy they are when it comes time for them to go into your garden. We do not believe in starting plants too early. Our plants typically catch up with plants started earlier without the typical lull that comes with transplant shock.


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