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There are a number of things that describe how we grow our produce. For the time being, we see this page as a summary of things that might be pertinent for interested persons to know about our farm's approach to the growing season. We have linked many of these to blog posts or other resources on our web pages for your consideration.

beans and potatoes

How We Prepare Produce For You

  • Hydro-Cooling of Greens to Clean and Extend Storage Life
  • Minimal Cleaning of Root Crops to Extend Storage Life
  • Non-Storage Crops Picked Within 32 hours of Delivery
  • Winter Squash, Potatoes and Garlic Cured Prior to Distribution
  • Mulching to Reduce Mud Splash on Many Crops
  • Cold Chain Maintained for Appropriate Produce

The above is over simplified. Many crops need to be hydrocooled to get field heat out of the plants and promote longer storage life. It also serves as a way to gently clean the crop. Many other crops store far better if it is not washed. Since we do not want to assume how you intend to use the produce, we treat it as we would for ourselves.



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