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Muck and Myre (two turkeys on a gate) at the farm by R Faux

2017 Production Season

Interested in a Duck? Email us to get us to raise birds. As of May 23, we have not had enough responses to invest in the process.

Anticipated: see below

Processing Period: late Sept/early Oct

Price: $6.00/lb for drakes, $6.50/lb for hens*

Range of Bird Sizes: 3.5 to 9.0 lbs

Processor: Martzahn Farms in Greene, Iowa (USDA inspected)

*prices subject to change, dependent on costs

*****PLEASE NOTE for 2017******

If you want the Genuine Faux Farm to raise ducks in 2017, we are going to need people to step up and pre-order birds this year. If we can get 15 birds pre-ordered, we will raise a flock. Otherwise, we will not have a flock of ducks this year.

Ducks at the Genuine Faux Farm are pasture raised and provided with shelter that they may or may not take advantage of when they wish it. We make an exception to this if predators force us to put the birds in shelter at night. Birds are given a base diet mixed by a local producer who has organic certification. Their diet is supplemented by foraging and organic produce that is no longer fit for sale or distribution. Chicks will be purchased if we receive enough pre-orders to justify a flock this year.

As of 2014, we added a second breed of duck to our operation. Appleyard ducks are a heritage variety that has the reputation for being excellent foragers with a good temperment and excellent processing qualities. We ran a trial between Muscoveys and Appleyards and have continued to work with them. At this point in time, we will likely stick with Muscoveys unless demand in the area changes and we are encouraged to do more with ducks.

Our ducks don't particularly care to be handled, but we also don't care to handle them. They do have some sharp talons on their feet that can easily cut a human hand. This does not mean that they are agressive. Rather, they tend to simply 'ease' themselves around us when we are in their pasture area. They know we are the bringers of water and food and they don't see us as a threat that require extreme measures. All in all, it is generally a mutually tolerant relationship between the ducks and the humans.

The photo above is Yogi, the duck. Yogi was with us several years ago. She was too small to process for meat, so we opted to try to get her through a winter with the chickens. Ducks are 'sloppy' drinkers and love to dunk their heads into water, so ice tended to build up on the front feathers of this bird. It would get so heavy, she could not walk more than a couple of steps at a time. As a result, we brought her into the house and placed her into a carrier to defrost. As a point of interest, she did not make a sound while in the house - but she told all of the chickens about us once she was brought back out.


Preparing For Eating

Muscovy are preferred by many chefs due to the low fat content and excellent flavor.  In fact, Muscovy duck have less fat content than Peking duck, turkey, lamb, beef and pork.  These ducks also have higher protein levels than other ducks, lamb, beef and pork.  Muscovy's have an average of 50% more breast meat than other ducks.  We have personally enjoyed the taste of the Appleyard meat which seems to be a bit less dry.

Edible Portion
% Protein
% Fat

Guinea Hen




Muscovy Drake

Muscovy Hen




Peking Duck

 (source: USDA handbook #8 and circular #549, leclercq 1985)

Duck meat is darker than chicken or turkey and has a very consistent quality. Texture is somewhere between turkey and pork and it has a richer flavor than chicken or turkey. We recommend roasting duck in the oven, sticking to the philosophy of lower temperatures over longer cooking periods.


Purchasing Ducks:

The drakes (males) are usually about twice the size of the hens (females) at maturity.  Hens tend to average 4 pounds processed and drakes that average 8 pounds.  These are available to all who are interested.  You may reserve a bird and indicate whether you would prefer a hen or a drake.   You may reserve a duck by sending an email to

Prices are subject to change depending on feed, chick and processing costs.

Our birds are sold directly to the consumer and are first come, first served. If you wish to reserve a bird with us, please contact us via email or in writing. Do not asssume you have a reserved bird unless you receive a reply from us! At this time, we do not ask that you place a deposit with us to reserve the birds. But, we do ask that you work with us to take possession of the bird soon after processing. We ask that you pay at the point of delivery. We also ask that you honor your commitment with us so we can continue to take reservations without deposits.





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