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Subscription Period for 2015 is OPEN.

Why should you sign up for our Farm Share CSA?

  • Pricing
  • Reserving a Spot
  • Large Share
  • Standard Share
  • Extended Season
  • Pickup Locations
  • Split a Share
  • Group Share
  • Work Share
  • Alternating Week

2016 Subscription Options and Pricing

Openings Still Available 4/30/16

Reserve a Spot reserve with deposit by Mar 1-after Mar 1 contact us. $25 120 slots***
Large Share produce> June-October (20 weeks) $600* 20 slots***
Standard Share produce> June-October (20 weeks) $400* ***
Group Share produce> June-October (18 weeks) $900 inquire
Alternating Week produce> June-October (10 weeks) $225* std share only
Fall Extended Season produce> November & December (est 7-8 weeks) $200 50 slots

* - price includes deposit

***- 120 CSA slots split between large and standard sizes

Why do we ask for prepayment?

A share is, in effect, an investment in the farm and in your personal farmers. There are a number of up front costs, such as seed, equipment, gas and labor that occur well before any produce is available. Your willingness to pay up front helps to make this operation run! It is then up to us to make the most of your investment on your behalf. Each season we work to provide you with produce that has a value that is 25% to 40% more than what you pay us as a reward for your confidence in our ability to be your personal farmers!

Please contact us via email, by phone, or speak with us directly. We do not, in any way, wish to exclude interested persons from joining the CSA simply because writing a large check at the beginning of the season makes it difficult to join. This is part of the advantage of being a community. There are share holders who are able to prepay at the beginning of the season. These persons help us to support others who need to spread payment out over time.

If you enter a payment arrangement with us, we ask you to help us by maintaining the payment schedule. It is difficult for us to track this during the heat of the growing season.

$25 Deposit to hold Regular Season share spot

We would like to encourage all interested parties to place a deposit of $25 in the Fall to early Spring for a Farm Share CSA spot. There will be only 120 slots. Failure to place a deposit to hold a spot may result in disappointment.

Returning share holders

If you are a returning member, your spot will be reserved through November 30 of the prior year. We ask that you place a deposit by that time to secure your share. If you do not do so, we will open that slot for other interested parties. This does not mean you cannot try to sign up after November 30 - it just means you run the risk of all slots being filled.

ALL share holders

You have options to reserve a spot:

1. Send us an email! Give us your name, size of share you want, mailing address and we'll get right back to you.

2. Find our brochure that may be found at various locations and mail in the back page with your deposit.

Wait List

We will maintain a wait list once slots for the CSA are filled. If openings occur we will work down the list on a first come first served basis.


Circumstances change. If yours change so that you can no longer participate in the Farm Share CSA, please let us know (as soon as possible!). Once we are aware that you will not be a member, we will offer your slot to a someone on the wait list. Your deposit will be refunded as soon as the slot is filled by another subscriber. We will not refund deposits after April 1.

Payment in Full

The balance of your payment will be due in the year a farm share is taken. Please do not pay in full this fall, we will bill you in February/March of the subscription year. Our payment in full deadline is May 30 (unless you arrange a payment plan).

Large shares are picked up on a weekly basis from June through October (20 weeks).

Benefits of a large share over a standard share include:

  • first dibs on limited produce
  • 50-80% more produce than a standard share
  • simply a better value for your money

We are hesitant to tell you how many people can be fed by a large share since our feedback has ranged from "we want more" to "please no more!" Let's put it this way, Tammy and I (along with various workers) can eat our way through a large share in a week as long as we work at it. But, we also make larger amounts than we will eat during our meals and are willing to freeze leftovers for later use.

You can expect to receive 5-14 different types of produce each week, depending on the season. Usually, things start slowly and really get going in August - staying strong through October.

If you would like to see an example of produce delivered during a typical season, please visit the Farm Share CSA Primer.

Standard shares are picked up on a weekly basis from June through October (20 weeks).

We are hesitant to tell you how many people can be fed by a standard share since our feedback has ranged from "we want more" to "please no more!" If Tammy and I were not the farmers, we suspect the two of us could eat a standard share in a week. But, we might have to push in peak season. A standard share is simply a smaller grouping of what appears in a large share. Exceptions include items that are not producing at a level for all members to receive portions - large shares are favored for these items.

You can expect to receive 5-14 different types of produce each week, depending on the season. Usually, things start slowly and really get going in August - staying strong through October.

If you would like to see an example of produce delivered during a typical season, please visit the Farm Share CSA Primer.

Space will be limited as production comes primarily from our high tunnel and using techniques to extend the season in the field. We anticipate the season will be 7 to 8 weeks in November and December. There is only one share size in extended season.

Crops will consist largely of greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, arugula, mustard, pok choi) and will be supplemented by any storage crops (root crops, squash, potatoes, garlic) that may remain in our possession for distribution. There have been some tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables towards the beginning of the Fall share. It has not been unusual for members to receive between 9 and 15 different vegetables at each delivery.

We have maintained two delivery locations (Waverly and Cedar Falls) for the extended season shares.

Regular Season

  • Waverly Farmers' Market 3:30-6:00 PM on Tuesdays
  • Hansen's Outlet (behind the store in parking area) 4:00-6:00 PM on Thursdays
  • Tripoli (dependent on membership) on Wednesdays

Extended Season

  • St Andrew's Church in Waverly
  • Hansen's Outlet in Cedar Falls?

We are willing to accept share applications from members that consist of more than one family unit. Several families have successfully split shares in prior years (often large shares). This was an ideal solution for handling vegetables that were liked by some and disliked by others. It also provided a ready outlet for produce when one party was traveling. If you are interested in a share, but are worried that you cannot consume the volume of produce delivered, consider splitting a share!

If you split a share, the following apply:

  • You will be responsible for dividing up the produce
  • You will pick up your share at one delivery point
  • Please provide us with contact information for all participants
  • Split shares are not given special allotments of produce, they receive what all other shares of that size receive
  • There is no additional fee for splitting a share

Many people who split a share find it works well to alternate weeks. Others find that one member of their families is able to consistently get away for the distribution time, so the responsibility for pick up falls on them. We are aware of families that share a meal on distribution day and then split the remaining produce afterwards!

If you can't find someone to split with, but feel a half share is better for you, consider the Alternating Week share (see the tab above for a description).

New for the 2016 Season:

We are developing a Group Share that will target organizations that have people that would like some local produce but are unwilling to enter a share agreement alone. This is an 18 week share and contents will consist of less produce variety and more duplication so that all participants can take a similar small portion from the share. Division of the produce among participants is the responsibility of the group. A main contact person should be identified as well as a person who will work with us on pick up.

Examples of possible weekly distribution amounts:

  • Early Season Share Week: 10 heads of lettuce (2 varieties), 5 bunches of radish, 5 bunches asparagus or rhubarb
  • Stir Fry Share Week: 10 zucchini, 10 summer squash, 10 onions, 5 garlic, 5 bunches braising greens, 5 peppers
  • BLT Share Week: 20 tomatoes, 10 heads of lettuce, 10 sweet peppers
  • Bean and Potato Week: 15 pounds potatoes, 7.5 pounds green bean, 5 of a wildcard item
  • Salsa Week: 20 tomatoes, 20 peppers, 10 onions, 5 garlic

We have limited work share opportunities on the farm. Interested parties need to be willing to work on a regular schedule (3-4 hrs week) during the work week. We are flexible with possible tasks, but applicants should expect that they will likely be involved in some manual labor that will be out in the elements. There are options for those who are willing to clean and pack produce or are willing to staff distribution tables.

If you are interested, take this link and explore your options further.

We do listen to what people say - and in response to what we've heard from some of our former members, we are creating the alternating week option. This is for the folk who liked our produce and what we do, but found they just couldn't keep up with it all AND they couldn't find someone to split a share. Well, we'll do the splitting for you if you sign up for an alternating week plan.

The idea is this - you will be assigned either an ODD or EVEN week designation. You will be responsible for paying attention to which weeks are yours and your name will not be on our check in list during the weeks that you are not due a share. If, for some reason, travels cause you to need to switch weeks, we will ask you to either find someone to pick up for you OR find someone with the opposite week designation to switch with (we'll provide you with the contact list).

This option does not preclude splitting a share. If you are willing to locate people you will split with and you do the work of figuring it out, then just sign up for the size share you want and away we go. But, if you want to worry less about coordination and more about getting some good produce - just every other week instead of each week - here it is.

Your share sizes and content will be the same as a standard share for the weeks you pick up.

Our Commitment to Being Responsive Farmers

We will do our best to be flexible with our subscription terms. We are willing to learn about alternatives for growing produce and we seek feedback regarding the types and amounts of produce you receive. We encourage you to let us know what you need and we will endeavor to fulfill requests when it is possible and feasible.

We also ask that you respect our decisions if we feel that we cannot meet a given request. We do have limited resources - the most valuable of which is our time - and this may prevent us from meeting a request. However, you will, at least, be given the favor of a response and a reason for the decision.

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